Really Bad Ideas for Fathers and their Daughters

by Mihael Herrera on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 9:14am

Subject: Really Bad Idea for Fathers and their Daughters – #16 in a continuing series

Gentlemen, if your two year old daughter ever wants her toe nails painted and Mom isn’t home…. don’t even think about it. Give them ice cream. Distract them. Do anything else. Trust me.

If you insist trying to paint her toe-nails, here are some tips that I figured out tonight:

1. Pick one color and stick to it. My daughter wanted purple, then, after the first toe was painted, wanted pink. I thought – “hey, just alternate”. Incredibly bad idea. I bet most of you can guess why.

2. I am not sure, but I think the existing layer of polish needs to come off before the new one goes on. I tried multiple coats of polish, but I can still see the original paint job that was there when I started. Maybe a primer is needed. I’m not sure. Turpentine might work. I will let you know next time.

3. Mix the polish well before starting. The stuff can be kind of watery one dip and then thick the next. When it’s really thick, it covers the entire toe-nail of a two-year old (plus a little more).

4. If you are working with two bottles of nail polish (which you shouldn’t according to tip #1), make sure that the one you are not using is far far away from the child. They seem to know how to open them and think the brush is a device for painting the mirror.

5. Don’t let them walk on the carpet even if 9 of the toes are dry and the fifth coat on the last one is almost dry. If you do let them walk on the carpet, be sure to get all the fuzz, hair and fluff off the polish before it dries. Otherwise…..ICK!. Glad we don’t have a cat.

Good Luck!



Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999

Really Bad Ideas for Fathers and their Daughters

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