The Second Day of Kindergarten – From 4-Sept 2002

Drop off on the  second day of school was a lot harder than the first.   It started about 2:30am when The Child couldn’t sleep and came into our room. She was having some anxiety problems. Between the earthquake yesterday, anxiety from school, boredom at school, inability to get on the swings and play with the basketball during recess on top of not being allowed to play with everything in the classroom (computer was off-limits ) , she was unhappy from about 2:30am until about 5am.

This actually worked in my favor to a certain extent.  I was up at 6am and was able to spend 45 minutes getting ready.   I showered, dressed, prepared The Child’s snack and started the transfer of a few meg of file s back to work.  Then I undertook to gently wake the princess from her slumber.   She woke up non-linear.  She thought Laura had left without saying goodbye or kissing her. I explained that Mommy did say good bye to her, but that in her sound sleep,  she didn’t wake up. I asked her i f she wanted to say hello to Mommy and picked up the phone to hear the modem still chugging away.  I broke out the cellphone and called Laura.  The Child didn’t want to talk to Mommy because she was mad at her for leaving without saying goodbye.

The Child went back into her room in a huff. I gave her about 10 minutes to chill while I CNBC’ed. I went into her room and she was picking out new clothes for the day.  She was supposed to wear one of the lavender and white dresses. She decided that she wanted the red and blue dress,  but couldn’t get it off the hanger.  She let me help.  Then we went to the bathroom to put in ponies.  I had selected two red and one blue that would have matched her dress.   That’s when she threw the curve at me.  She wanted a headband. Although I hadn’t been trained in these things, it looked a lot easier than the ponies. She put it in her hair, but the back looked terrible (something about not being combed yet ).  I called Laura and got the skinny on the hair headband. It was pretty easy, I just wasn’t ready for it.  So I combed her hair out and applied the headband. Then The Child jumped up and was ready to go to school. It was about 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave.  I said, “what about breakfast?”, to which she replied that she wasn’t hungry and let’s get going.  She grabbed her lunchbox and her backpack and went out t o the car. Cellphone call #3. Laura told me that Cassie hadn’t been eating much for breakfast the past few days and if I just got some milk  into her, she would be fine. After wondering what planet I was visiting from, I went to get The Child. She had come back inside but turned around and went out the front door.  I chased her with the cellphone, she was down the walkway and starting to walk down the street .

I wrangled her back into the house and put her upstairs watching Blue’s Clues with a cup of milk.  I then ate my breakfast.  During the breakfast making process I found another bag of defrosted chicken left over from this weekend’s BBQ.  Looks like I am BBQing over lunch today.

About 7:35 I told The Child to turn off the TV so we could take off . She didn’t answer so I  called  to her again.  She told me she was turning of f the TV and would be right there.  She then chastised me for leaving the computer on and wasting  electricity.  I went upstairs and found that my file transfer was complete, so I turned off the computer.

The actual taking t o school was uneventful and unremarkable.  OY!

Three more hours until I go pick her up.  Life has changed.

The Second Day of Kindergarten – From 4-Sept 2002

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