Exhaustion vs The To-Do List

By 8:30am Saturday morning, the weekend schedule was set and in my daytimer. Be at Ikea at 10 to buy a bedframe for the Child. Come home and listen to the Yankees v Texas while putting the bed together. More planning for the summer vacation must be completed today. A 10 mile run should be in there somewhere because there is no time tomorrow. That run may not happen. Then of course the Kings play again tonight.

Tomorrow, the Child has alter-server for 9:30 mass. Then we have a Little Scholars celebration for the Child at Knotts Berry Farm starting at 1pm to celebrate her academic achievements as part of Pop Warner Cheer. When I am tired like this, I just want to isolate and be at home. Being around people in public situations is draining for me. Yankees and Texas are on ESPN tomorrow night followed by bed and then the Evil Monday morning will follow in and the blender will start spinning again.

Somewhere in here I have to get all the work I was supposed to do last weekend as well as catch up on emails from this week.

The biggest obstacle is that I feel absolutely exhausted and I just want to go back to bed. I slept until 7:30am, which is 2 hour later than I normally sleep on the weekends. It’s all just catching up.

Watching sports isn’t as relaxing as it used to be since the advent of multitasking. Back before multi-tasking, the brain didn’t automatically think of 5 things to try to do during a 3-4 hours baseball game. I used to be able to just sit there and watch and score the game.    Last night,  multi-tasking meant between coming home from work and leaving for tennis, a load of laundry had to be started.   Between coming home from tennis and taking the Child out to dinner, the laundry was put into the dryer.  This way, before going to bed on Friday night, all my laundry was folded or hanging dry.  Why introduce these task in between these fun things? So that there was more time on the weekend of course.

So I am going to ask God for Peace. Then, in 15 minutes, I am going to put the family in the car and go to Ikea. The girls will go upstairs and find the bed frame and call down to me in the pickup area. By the time they get downstairs, I will hopefully be in line to check out. This isn’t going to be a shopping trip, it’s going to be a buying trip.

Exhaustion vs The To-Do List

2 thoughts on “Exhaustion vs The To-Do List

  1. Had the added fun of securing the purchase to the roof for a 20 mile drive home. Got home in time for the 7th inning 😦

    Thanks for the kind thoughts.

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