The Cat, the Quiet and the Dead Hurricane

Written July 22, 1997

A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico called Danny died a day or so ago.  His remains are currently moving my way.  I am sitting on the back porch of the Shellmont Bed and Breakfast in Atlanta. It’s a wonderful place. For the first time in a long time, I have nothing to do.    It’s rainy and humid.  A grey tabby cat with a white underbelly desperately wants my attention. The cat doesn’t realize I’m allergic to it.  Mozart is playing on the boom box.  They have 4 classical CDs that repeated all day and into the evening. Emergency vehicles are releasing short bursts of noise; telling people and cats to get out of the way.  

I am in Atlanta for the AACC show. The pace of life is much slower here.  Maybe that’s why I’ve slowed down enough to write about The Child’s birth.   It’s funny and almost cyclical as the story of her birth begins when I finished the first draft of the poster I am presenting this week.

There’s a green fern hanging over my head <THUNDER CLAP>.  The fern matches the paint of the building perfectly.  I’m sitting in one of five a white wicker chair in the back of the house.  At least 3 are rockers.  I can’t see the last two to tell.  There’s a white wicker lamp on a white wicker table.  I’ve never been around so much wicker in my life. Frasier and Tool Time are on the T.V. inside, but I would rather site here and record this moment.  The rain just picked up and became heavier.  The cat is licking her feet and belly. 

The couple staying  in the carriage house just returned.  They ran through the rain over the slippery cobblestones.   That was dangerous.  I almost slipped on them earlier in my tennis shoes. 

This is a nice moment.  It’s peaceful and quiet.  There are too many good moments like this that get lost in life.  Slow moments.   < LIGHTING X2 + BIG FIVE SECOND BLAST OF THUNDER>.   These moments…. they so easily and quickly get lost in life.  Forgotten, solitary quiet moments.  It’s easy to not have a quiet in life.  There are so many things that require immediate attention.  The funny thing is that so few of those things are important.   Quiet allows me to see inside myself and feel closer to God.  As I observe the thoughts and notions in my head, I get to the truth about me and my beliefs.  <THUNDER – QUIETER THAN BEFORE – JUST AS LONG X3>

I’ve been wondering why I wanted to stay at a bed & breakfast when my company offered to put me up at the Hyatt.   Sure, it’s 2/3 the cost here, but that’s not the truth of why I stayed here.  I just wanted to.  I needed some peace and didn’t want to be told what to do or not to do on this one. I remind me of my mother.  I made up my mind about what I wanted and did it. <LIGHTNING AND THUNDER – VERY CLOSE>.  I want to call the cat over.  I thought about making that silly noise my mom used to make.  I tried it.  The cat looked at me with disdain. 

<LIGHTNING AND THUNDER ALMOST DIRECTLY OVERHEAD>  There is a certain amount of danger being out here.  The cat doesn’t seem to mind, though.  You think it would know.  I’ve been working on this journal over 2 years now.  I wanted to write things down that I learned along the way.  <THE LIGHTING IS MOVING AWAY>  I haven’t even learned to get out of the rain.

 There are beautiful flowers in the garden.  The cat is making another attempt at attention.It’s really time to time to go into safety.  I don’t care what the cat thinks.  Funny how there can be such quiet in the aftermath of a hurricane.  Funny that just like life, there can be such quiet as  between the disruptions of Thunder and lighting or as the Germans called it, Sturm und Drang.

Author’s Note:  This was written about 6 months after my mother passed away.  The Child was born 2 moths prior.

The Cat, the Quiet and the Dead Hurricane

One thought on “The Cat, the Quiet and the Dead Hurricane

  1. “It’s easy not to have a quiet in life.” It’s 5 a.m., and I’m on my computer. I needed to be reminded of that. Sounds like a beautiful storm. Thank you for your post.

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