Cafe Dolcinos

If you find yourself in the historic Gastown section of Vancouver British Columia, visit Cafe Dolcino at 12 Powell Street.

The food here redfines fresh and freshly made.  After we ordered, the owner went back and prepared each of our orders.  We heard the eggs sizzle in the pan.  We heard the owner cut and slice the vegtables. It took longer than one would normally expect for breakfast sandwich, but it was well worth it.  We would not believe the amount of flavor that came out of these small sandwiches.

Fresh egg fried on a bagel with sliced tomato and cucumber. I can’t describe how fresh this tasted.

This small hole in the wall didn’t initially seem  remarkable.   We were underwhelmed by the selection on the menu and normally would have moved on to someplace else, fortunately there weren’t many places open for breakfast in Gastown at 9am.  We were very glad that we stayed.

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Cafe Dolcinos

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