Gnawing of the night

It’ almost 10pm.
Time to call it a night.
No more emails.
No more prep for tomorrow.

Only the A priorities got actioned today;
…..and not all of them.
The list of low priority things has not been touched, but it grows.

Emails are coming in at this late hour notifying me of things that need to be addresed for customers.
Some woman is also sitting up at 10pm, thinking that I am the best one to handle this one and that one.
She’s probably drinking wine.  I’m drinking Red Bull (sugar free).

This night, like last night, disappeared,
Eaten by my laptop.
Sucked down beef bone in the mouth of a starving dog,
gnawed and then crushed until nothing remains.
If there were more time and energy,
It would get gnawed too.

Time for bed.
Just 10 hours until my first conference call.
I get the luxury of  sleeping in until 6am tomorrow,
presuming I can sleep.

Europe goes to work in 2 hours.
They will send emails too.

Gnawing of the night

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