Evolution of Goals

I was reading Meredith’s Daily Angst post on fortune cookies and goals and found myself commenting quickly before the start of a conference call.   The thoughts stayed with me all day, so I thought I would lift and refine those ideas in this post.    

I looked in my journal one day when I was 31 and realized that I had achieved all my life goals.

“Now what?”, I thought.  I was married, I had the house (mortgage really), I’d been skydiving, rock climbing, seen whales breach and done everything else that I had wanted to do in my life.  Only problem was I had a whole bunch of years left and there was nothing more that I really wanted to do.

A priest in our parish a few years back said that the relationship we have with God has to evolve as we grow up.  Pitiful are the people who have the same relationship with God at 50 as they did at 10.  The same could be said my expectations of myself and my early goals.

At 45, I realized that the goals that I had set and achieved for myself earlier in my life were all task-oriented in nature (much like myself) and they lacked depth and were absent of spiritual meaning.   Our aspirations have to change and evolve as life moves from phase to phase.   Bucket lists are good, but might it be better if we aspire to be more than what we do and what we have accomplished.

So were you to make a list of goals for the next 10 years, what things would they include would they include?   Would you list be more task oriented or more about your internal growth?

Keep it peaceful and simple!

Evolution of Goals

4 thoughts on “Evolution of Goals

  1. Wow. Now there’s a question or two to ponder. I think most task-oriented goals are for the 20s and 30s. I still have “things” left I’d love to accomplish, but I know I’m working toward them. I think spiritual goals are an interesting thing to think about, but hard to pinpoint. They kind of evolve, don’t they?

    Loving and learning. Those are my two.

    Holy rambling, Batman. Sorry about that. I blame my sinus infection. 😉

    1. Just make sure you write them down. You should be good at that 😉 Much luv and thank you for stopping and commenting as you so often do. It is appreciated.

  2. dailyangst says:

    Love this post, and love these things to consider. Even more things to consider having been at the ordination of a priest last Sat before the Chicago Marathon, and it threw me down the rabbit hole of considering all kinds of out-of-this world things.

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