Timestreams and Freshman Homecoming

There was recently a brilliant episode of Dr. Who where travellers in one room were moving through time much more quickly than the travellers in another room. The story progressed such that the travellers in the first room aged 30 years, while the travellers in the second experienced only 30 minutes.  I have a 14 year old daughter and totally get this concept.

The View from my room:

  • Five days ago, she was born.  She had the biggest big blue eyes.  I washed her hair when she was less than an hour old.
  • Four days ago, she learned to walk and life got complicated, but she was still cool with Santa Claus.
  • About three days ago she was in karate, soccer and t-ball.
  • Two days ago, she started cheerleading and boy was that an expensive and busy two days.

Yesterday was one of those rare moments when a window opens between our rooms and I got a glimpse into her room.

The View from her room:

  • Five days ago, she was asked asked to the homecoming dance by the quarterback of the freshman football team.
  • Four nights ago, she got her dress and shoes and cheered at his game.
  • Two nights ago she had some kind on dinner thing and then cheered at the varsity game.
  • Yesterday, she walked out in this dress with these really high heels and looked stunning. She had the legs of a runner (under 8 minute miles) and the arms, shoulders and back of someone who routinely picks up and holds other human beings abover her head.

 The View from My Room:Yesterday

 The View from Her Room: Yesterday

My Baby

The View from her room
The Cheerleader and the Quarterback

She’s sleeping now in her room.   I realize that at 14, she will be driving in about 6 hours and will probably only live here with us for another day or two.   Clearly, our rooms don’t move at the same speed of time, but it’s really cool to be able to hang out together even if just for a few moments.

She’s a student-athlete, she’s strong, smart, funny and healthy.  She’s going to be alright.

Can anyone relate?

Timestreams and Freshman Homecoming

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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