Mirrored Clouds

I wish I could show you what I saw at 4am this morning.

I woke up about an hour before we were due to land in Newark.  Bad weather on the East Coast the day before changed our flight path so that we flew northly over the megalopolis that stretches from D.C. to Boston.

A blanket of thick charcoal black rain clouds blanketed the earth for as far as the eye could see.

Then just up ahead there was a huge break in the clouds and the yellow/orange lights from the ground were visible.    The lights shining from the earth reflected off the bottom of the leading edge of the clouds.   The bottom of the clouds were lit up like a Christmas tree, reflecting the earths light like a mirror, but none of the light could penetrate the cloud cover.

So there was this amazing sight of a blanket of clouds, dark atop and brightly light below.   I would have loved to have had a camera, but I doubt a picture would have done it justice, there were too many shades of black in the sky that morning.

Mirrored Clouds

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