Prompt for December 5: Things: What were your favorite things that you discovered this year?

I love a good challenge.  Especially when it comes to writing.  So when I heard that Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and DailyAngst were hosting Reverb11, a series of prompts on 2011, I of course, realized that there was no way I had enough time to participate.   That being said, here I go:

Prompt for December 5: Things: What were your favourite things that you discovered this year?

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List of favorite things limited to discovered this year?  Hmm, in no particular order:

  • Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
  • Half-marathons
  • The New York Islanders holding the Anaheim Ducks to one shot on goal during the first period.
  • When Al Montoya is in goal and/or Matt Moulson scores 4 goals in a game.
  • Bill Cunningham pieces on the New York Times website
  • Eating Pomegranate yogurt and pomegrate seeds.
  • 15K trail runs that involve hills.  Big hills that help me find out just what kind of shape this 46 year old body is in.
  • I like spending time with friends from High School and sharing forgotten memories.
  • Flying out of Palm Springs Municipal airport.
  • When a certain Guiness drinking tweep/blogger goes eeee and/or wants to chase Al Leiter into the parking lot.
  • Butchard Gardens in Victoria, B.C.
  • When that certain Canadian blogger, English major, mother of twins comes to town and marvels at the efficiency of In & Out.
  • When my wife completes an incredibly difficult trail run.
  • Dietrich Bronhoffer quotation, “We have learned a bit too late in the day that action springs not from thought but from a readiness for responsibility.”
  • Cruising Alaska and seeing lots and lots of bald eagles.
  • Running through the woods in Alaska and having phone service.
  • When Jorge Posada comes out to catch his last game as a Yankee then hits a bloop in the last inning to get on base.
  • When notifications come that those certain bloggers have published.
  • Michael Grabner on a breakaway.
  • Writing a blog that I want to read over and over again.
  • The massively politically incorrect way my blackberry autocorrects the term “Hat Trick”.
  • Defense witness saying “I have some thoughts on the correctness of that application”.
  • Being around cousin Bonnie and her family for dinner.   Having coffee in Starbucks before a race and discussing Lent.
  • The sign outside the Times Square Church.

The Sign outside Times Square Church
Prompt for December 5: Things: What were your favorite things that you discovered this year?

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