Prompt for Dec. 9: Cry Not! Yell Hip Hip Jorge!

I heard that Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and DailyAngst were hosting Reverb11, a series of prompts on 2011, I of course, realized that there was no way I had enough time to participate.   That being said, here I go:

Prompt for December 9: Cry: Where or why did you cry?  Did someone make you cry?  Was it happy or sad?  Describe a good cry you had in 2011.

I sent a message to one of the prompter bemoaning the topic of having a really good cry.  She told me to dig deep.   The only time I dig deep is when I am burying the bodies of the teen-age boys who want date my daughter.

I can report that as of December 9, no tears have been shed in 2011 either in happiness or sadness.  There might have been some onion-induced tears when I made paella one time, but that’s really it.  And there might have been a tear of pride in my daughter.  A tear might have started to form this week when I saw a picture of a special football-throwing child that would had a birthday this past week if cancer handn’t taken him; but we aren’t going close to that one. 

Instead, I will present to you 8+ joy/sadness events from 2011 that could have brought tears to the eye of a this New York Sport fan.

8. 🙂 With the Yankees trailing that certain green California team, Robinson Cano, Russell Martin and Curtis Granderson make history as they each hit grand slams.  The 22 runs scored that game hadn’t been seen in Yankee Stadium since 1931. 🙂

7. 🙂 A Blake Comeau hat tricks leads the New York Islanders over the Chicago Blackhawks on the first game back after the Olympic break!  Oh wait.  That was 2010.   Erase Erase.

7. 😦 Joba Chamberlin needs Tommy John Surgery. So were we not careful enough in the Joba Rules days? Heal quickly, learn Mariano’s cut fast ball and congrats on the new baby!  🙂

6. 😦 :-(With 16.5 seconds left in the game which had a record number of penalties minutes that are still being totaled, Islanders goalie Rick Di Pietro takes a left to the chin from Pittsburgh goalie Brent Johnson.  RDP goes down and out with one punch. To add insult to injury, RDP was injured and (believe it or not) missed over a month.

5. 😦 Nassau County rejected a proposal for a new arena to replace the Nassau Coliseum.  What the heck were you people thinking!  That whole thing was going to bring in much more than it was going to cost you in Taxes.  Your parents built that rock and your community has benefitted from it for most of my life anyway.   But I rant.

4. 🙂 Derrick Jeter gets his 5,000 hit.  Nuff said.  Still pissed at Nassau County.

3. 🙂 New York Islanders beat the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins in back to back road games.  Oh wait, I only dreamed that.   Erase Erase. 😦

2. 🙂 Mariano Rivera becomes the all time saves leader

1. 🙂 With 2 catchers down and the third at DH, Jorge Posada comes in to catch against the Angels.

Jorge about to throw Angel runner Howie Kendrick out at second

In all serious, I had the good fortune to be sitting at the Angel game on September 10, 2011 when Posada came out.  Russell Martin was injured in the third inning and Francisco Cervelli had a concussion.  To see Jorge walk out was one of those special moments. Jorge had been relegated to the DH role this year and wasn’t even the primary DH on this September evening.

It was amazing gifts the baseball Gods gave Jorge that night. To see him behind the plate with CC pitching was just one of those memorable moments. The fact that he thew an Angel base stealer out at second was like something out of the end of Field of Dreams, wiping away all memories and frustration of the stolen bases he gave up over previous years.  For that night, he wasn’t an older player.  He was young and having fun.

In his last at bat as a Yankee catcher, Jorge hit a little bloop into right field.   As he stood on first base it was clear to me that we may never see him catch for the Yankees again.  But the images of that night will always be in my mind.

In the final innings, the Yankees brought in rookie pitching prospect George Kantos. Only time will tell how special the batterymates of Posada and Kantos were. The old and the new? The torch being passed? Who knows. Imagine the significance if Mariano Rivera had come been in for one last save with this old friend Jorge. Now that the dream is over, and only memories remain.  Hip Hip Jorge!

Jorge's Last AB as a Yankee Catcher
Prompt for Dec. 9: Cry Not! Yell Hip Hip Jorge!

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