Prompt for 11-Dec: Anticipation

Today’s prompt is courtesy of Carolyn Rubenstein.

Prompt 11 is here! DAY 11: Anticipation. What is the one thing that you are most looking forward to in 2012?

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.  ~Henry David Thoreau.

The biggest thing I am looking forward to in 2012 is the weekend of the the San Francisco Marathon.

I considered having my first marathon be the 2012 LA Marathon, even though I wasn’t enthralled with the venue.  Once it was realized that my daughter had a cheer event that day, LA was out.  I had wanted to run one of the two half-marathons in San Francisco in 2011, but work travel interfered.   In 2012 all the stars seem aligned so I registered for 26.2 miles of fun through the streets of San Francisco.

The wonderful thing about the San Francisco Marathon is that they let the really slow people like me sleep an hour longer than the really fast people get to.  For added decadence, our hotel is right by the starting line.  By the time I call for the elevator, those really fast people will be half way done but still in the dark.  I get to see everything in the daylight!

Once I meander past the  stating line, I am looking forward to running by the Embarcadero and Fisherman’s Warf.  The first big thrill will be when the Golden Gate bridge comes into view.  I look forward to the 1.7 miles out and then the run back.  I’ve heard it said that the bridge is up-hill both ways.  I can tell you right now that regardless of how difficult those 5+ kill-ya-meters are, I am going to cherish the memories that develop.

View from below the Golden Gate Bridge. Doesn’t look difficult from this side.

I am rhapsodizing on mile 19 that travels through Haight Ashbury.  I have requested that my name be presented on my race bib as “Dead Head”.  I have the visual of myself in this part of the race feeling strong yet walking through the Haight to soak in the history and the feel the energy.  The music of the Grateful Dead is always well represented during any of my runs, and during this particular stretch of land,I will have to add some Janice and Starship into the mix. 

The next major landmark for me will around mile 25 as I approach AT&T Park.  This is my favorite venue for baseball outside Yankee Stadium. If I have an  extra two hours to spend in San Francisco you can usually find me there.  To me, the area around the stadium is peaceful.  The stadium is just beautuful and inviting when approached from the south. I look forward to seeing that first glimpse of the stadium, approaching it and then waving good-bye to it as I move towards the last mile of the race.

So with 7.5 months to go, I guess it’s time to stop writing and go find some hills to run up. Did I mention the hills?  San Francisco has some. The great thing is that the course is in a loop, so every up-hill has a corresponding down hill and anyone can run down-hill, right?

An incredible view of AT&T Park and my two special loves
Prompt for 11-Dec: Anticipation

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