Prompt for December 13: A Day in the Life

I heard that Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and DailyAngst were hosting Reverb11, a series of prompts on 2011.  I’m there.

 Prompt for December 14: Ordinary Time: Tell us about an ordinary week in your 2011 life; describe your routine.  Do you hope that your day-to-day, week-to-week life remains much the same in the coming year, or are you trying to shake things up?  How will you do that?

Monday through Friday, the primer alarm goes off at 5:30am.  That alarm tells me that I have 30 minutes left to enjoy my bed.  The primer alarm may also be the true alarm if there is an early morning call.   The first stop is to turn on the coffee and check the device to ensure the world hasn’t blown up over night.   Most days, it’s still spinning.  After that comes the check of the European and New York tweeps.  On a good day, there is a bit of banter with a certain tweep in Scotland (no, I don’t mean MacBeth).

My lovely wife brings me a beer mug filled with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.   Then the sound of ice in the blender follows as she makes my protein shake for breakfast.  It’s loaded with milk, whey protein powder, sometimes peanut butter and a chocolate chip or two for love.  The shake goes into the purple canister which fits nicely into the side pouch of my backpack. 

The first major choice of the day is what color scheme to wear.  Black or gray pants hint that I might be riding the motorcycle.  Browns mean that I am definitely driving to work.    The shoes ultimately give it away.   Over the ankle riding boots means the motorcycle is my mode of transportation and I will later slip into the leather shoes that live at work. The leather shoes that live at home go on if I am driving. 

My New York Yankees lunchbox is usually packed and ready to go by the time I walk down the hallway.  I take a quick walk around the front and back yard to check on the fruit trees then kiss the wife and daughter (if she’s up) and take off.  Usually by the time I leave, the dog has settled on the couch and is ready to go back to sleep.

The ride to work takes twice as long as the drive since I go way far out of my way to get there.  I find that I the vibrations of the motorcycle tend to shake  the most creative ideas out of my head.

Fridays are a little different than most days.  It’s jeans and tennis shoes and regardless of the temperature I’m riding. On Fridays as well, a new Deadpod posts which means at least 90 minutes of rocking to Grateful Dead at my desk.  Friday is also the only day I don’t eat lunch at my desk.  

Most days, I am at work at 7:00 + 15 minutes.   I pour the shake into the large purple glass and put the luchbox in the fridge while the computer boots up.  When I get back to my desk, the electronic picture frame has started to flash pictures from the past 3 years.   Inevitably, at some point during the day, the electronic picture frame will post a picture that makes me smile. Day always starts by my generating a prioritized list of things for the day, followed by phone calls and email.

I leave the office around 4pm and head home to my girls.  If there is no tennis or running, then I probably  set up the laptop and home and see what work I can get done in the evenings.   The family always sits together for dinner and The Child and I refuse to start unless Mother is seated and ready to eat.  April through October, Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling are usually on the computer calling the Yankee game in the late afternoon.  It’s also not unusual to listen to the Islanders on the computer as well.

Usually, if I play tennis on Friday night, the long run is on Sunday.   If Laura has bunco on Friday night, then The Child and I will go out for dinner or do something fun. It’s not unusual for me to start my laundry before going to tennis on Friday night and to finish it Saturday morning. I don’t let Laura do my laundry.   Truth is, if something happens to my favorite clothes I want it to be my fault, not hers. 

Weekends are the opportunity to sleep in, but I am usually up earlier than during the week.  Weekends usually start with a check of the fruit trees in the front and back yard.  I fret over the fruit trees like they are children.

Church schedule is dictated first by when The Child might be alter serving.   If she isn’t on the schedule, 5pm Saturday or Sunday is my favorite time to go.   A good weekend includes listening to the Prairie Home Companion with a few minutes of Car Talk for added color.   During baseball season, I won’t say that I build my schedule around Yankees games, but the times are usually marked off in my Day-Timer.

A really good weekend includes one day when I don’t leave the confines of my house, not even to take out the trash.

If this all keeps going on in 2012, I’m good with it.

Back in the saddle again
Back in the saddle again
Prompt for December 13: A Day in the Life

3 thoughts on “Prompt for December 13: A Day in the Life

  1. I could not possibly compete with your description of your day, you could make the phone directory sound interesting, though actually, the phone directory IS quite interesting! I hasten to add that I am not comparing your day with a phone directory!
    Please continue to post blogs which I can access, and if ever anything vaguely exciting happens at this end, I will write about it….don’t hold your breath!

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