Prompt for December 13: Thankful

I heard that Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and DailyAngst were hosting Reverb11, a series of prompts on 2011.  I’m there.

Prompt for December 15: Thanks: Give yourself fifteen minutes to write down fifteen things for which you were most thankful in 2011. Write down the first fifteen things that pop into your head.  Go on – set the timer; set your watch; set the stopclock on your iPhone!

In 15 minutes, I could have saved up to 15% with just one call to Geico.    Maybe with that money, I could have bought an iPhone.

In stream of consciousness order:

  1. Immediate family that lives with me.
  2. Family that lives across the country and across the pond with special recognition to those three special nieces and nephew that have birthdays between October and December.   They are a special gift from God.  Their Mom and Dad are pretty awesome too, but not nearly as cool or as genuinely funny as The Children.
  3. Daily access to Yankees Baseball.
  4. God, Jesus, the Church and the power of prayer. (I really should move that above the Yankees).
  5. The gift of employment, travel, pension and 401(k) that my work brings me.
  6. Having a father who is still around and available to take my call.
  7. My memories, both good and bad and the ability to move beyond the past and find peace.
  8. Having health in my family, especially having The Child be healthy.
  9. My wife’s family.
  10. The Grateful dead.
  11. Chopin’s Nocturne for Piano in C Sharp Minor, No. 6 as performed by Joshua Bell.
  12. Clean water.
  13. My “call land-lines around the world for free” as well as the “free international texting” plan from T-Mobile that allows me to reach out to friends and family like my mother never could.
  14. Day-Timer pages with no A priorities, aka free time.
  15. Having been born in New York and the freedom to live in the United States.
  16. Friends from long ago who I can still reach out to and have dinner with.   
  17. New friends that I can have breakfast or lunch with between airport layovers.
  18. Unexpected wireless.

Stopping here with 3 minutes to spare.

Prompt for December 13: Thankful

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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