Prompt for December 23: The Invisible People

Prompt for December 23: Learn: What new skill, idea, concept, etc…did you learn in 2011?  What new thing do you want to learn in 2012?

I am going to zoom in on the learning that happened today, December 23, 2011.  It is the Friday afternoon of the last day of work for the year.    The place is pretty much cleared out after lunch except for a few of us die-hards.  

About 1:30, a package arrives for me.  It is FILLED with Harry and David cookies.  This is a problem.  Not a “my child is hurt and I have no insurance” problem, but one of inconvenience.

I’ve been taking cookies and chocolates home for days.  Over lunch, I brought home 4 pieces of cheescake for my daughter.  We can’t eat all the sweets that we’ve been blessed with and then here comes another 24 really soft incredibly delicious cookies.   I had to find people to share with.

The people around me took 4 off my hands.  Then I had to leave the area to find people to share with.  I stopped at the credit union inside work.  There are people there and they were highly appreciative.   I realized that within their area, they are somewhat isolated from the festivities of the rest of the company.

Walking out of there, I noticed a gentleman from the cleaning service.  I offered him one.   As I was wishing him well, I noticed two gardeners on a cart outside.  I rushed out to them and offered them cookies.   They accepted.   It then dawned on me that there is this whole network of invisible people around my work.   People who make their living here the same as I, but are not included in the gift sharing.  I had to look for more of these people.  I headed out past the loading dock to the security gate where the trucks deliver.    There are security guards there who were willing to exchange some pleasantries in exchange for some cookies.

As I came back to my desk, I was greated by the first gentleman from the cleaning company who I gave a cookie to.

Except for two that I am taking home to my girls, all the cookies are gone.   What’s left is a realization that there are people around me that I don’t work with directly, who don’t add to the bottom line, but certainly keep my environment safe and clean that I should try to remember that they are there not just at Christmas, but every day next year.  In fact, I have written myself a note in my Day-Timer for December 1 of 2012, to remember the invisibles.

Who are the invisible people in your world?   You might have to look for them.

Prompt for December 23: The Invisible People

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