Prompt for December 28: Wishes for 2012

I heard that Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and DailyAngst were hosting Reverb11, a series of prompts on 2011.  I’m there.

Prompt for December 28: Wish: What did you wish for in 2012. How will you make it come true?

My wish list for 2012 is pretty straight forward at this point.  The action plan is in green.

  • Experience Lent and Easter in a deeper more spiritually satisfying manner.    I could really use some prayers on this one.

  • Improve the work/family balance towards the favor of family.  More work from home in 2012. Visit my father in New York, cousins in San Francisco and UK family during 2012.

  • Share a meal with a friend or family I haven’t seen since the 80’s. Had a few in 2011, hope to continue the tradition in 2012.  Any volunteers?

  • Finish in the top 95% in the WiproSan Francisco Marathon. This would be reasonable for a 47 year old guy running his first marathon.   It’s a low bar as far as placement.  Training plan includes lots and lots of hills. Be fully present while running the Golden Gate Bridge and the run through Haight Ashbury. 

  • Spend fewer than 28 nights away from home on business-related travel.  Stretch goal: Fewer than 10 nights. This will require some planning and stubbornness on my part.

  • Finish the Long Beach and Disneyland Half marathons in the top 50% while still capturing some great pictures during the raceHoping the training for the SF Marathon will carry over into this one.

  • Trail Runs:  Enjoy Xterra Malibu half as well as the Mission Gorge 15.   Have a strong showing (<= 1hr) at the Buffalo Alley 10K Trail Run.   Sign up, show up, enjoy.   Pretty straight forward.

  • Have lunch with at least one person from work each month.  This one is a bit outside my comfort zone.

  • Outside the US, I would like to complete a half-marathon in a country that doesn’t have a picture of Queen Elizabeth on their currency.  Republic of Ireland would be the obvious choice, but boy there are some other countries I would like to try.  

  • Fewer (<2 per set) unforced errors when I receive serves in tennis.  This will be difficult.  I really have to really concentrate and relax.  If I don’t make it, no big.

  • See the New York Islanders win a game in Los Angeles.   I have tickets to see them on January 6 against the Ducks.  This is my best shot.   Again, prayer may be essential.

As I reflect over this list, clearly some of these are more goals than wishes.   I wish for World Peace and and end to violence against others.   My goals are things I have a little more influence over.
So what are your wishes/goals for 2012?

Prompt for December 28: Wishes for 2012

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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