Cafe Käfer’s – Terminal 1 Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

This quick post is written for that hungry traveler connecting through Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport (FRA) wondering, “Where should I eat?”.  Consider going directly to Käfer’s tucked in the corner between the B and C gates.  The restaurant came to me through a recommendation by airport security (the best place to find out where to eat in any airport).Käfer’s has two restaurants, one is a more formal the other is a sit down Parisian style bistro.  I ate at the latter and recommend the experience.At about 8am it was a peaceful place to sit,  read and eat a well-presented meal.  The decor is French, the menu is European, the service was quite good.  The prices were standard for an airport and very reasonable to the experience.

The Old English Breakfast I ordered was presented as you see below.  The quality of the food was mostly unremarkable and airport standard.  Again, this place is about the experience.

What has me writing about this experience 15 months later is the desert menu.    The item below was one of many that caught my eye and yes, after I finished my breakfast, I had them bring me one out.  It tasted even better than it looked.

Safe Journey and bon appetit

Cafe Käfer’s – Terminal 1 Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

4 thoughts on “Cafe Käfer’s – Terminal 1 Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

  1. dailyangst says:

    Ah, I have seen this! But I haven’t eaten here. I’m usually sprinting btwn B&C to head out, or to the arrivals lounge! Food looks GORGEOUS, tho. Much better than the lounge fare!

  2. I’m dying – I completely agree with the idea of skipping breakfast and going for dessert. There’s something in that for all of us, really. Especially when your choice is something that beautiful.

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