Live on Channel 9 – Death

After my post-run shower this evening,  I turned on the TV and started flipping channels to see what was on.  I wish I hadn’t.

As I passed by KCAL news on Channel 9, I came across a pretty common site on LA TV, a car pursuit.  A car-jacker was slowly working his way through the busy streets of Hollywood.  Police followed the suspect into a gas station in Koreatown.   Up ’til now, it’s was the same as every pursuit I’ve seen over the last 20 years.   This one ended differently though.

The driver was blocked in at the Shell station. The TV helicopter swung around framed the scene perfectly, like they knew what was about to happen.

An innocent bystander was pumping gas into the car right next to the hijacked vehicle.  Police pulled in behind the stolen car and came out of their cars weapons drawn.  Pretty standard ending I thought, they will get the guy out and handcuff him and it will all be over.  The guy pumping gas got on his knees behind his car.  He was scared.

Apparently, the car-jacker did not want to give up.   I am guessing he showed a weapon because all of a sudden the 3 LAPD officers fired at least 2 dozen shots into the car.  I could see the bullets penetrating the rear window while the front and passenger side windows coughed glass as the bullets impacted against them.   It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen on TV and judging by the reaction of the TV anchors, they were shocked too.

The police pulled the limp body out of the car.  I think they even cuffed the guy.  He wasn’t going anywhere.

I am guessing there will be a lot of noise about this.  There will be second guessing of police actions, just like there always is.

I can’t judge what did or didn’t happen on the ground inside that car.   At the end of the night, the brave cops are going home safe and the guy quivering next to his car is too.  The bad guy died. I hope he didn’t have people who needed him.

I just wish that it hadn’t been watching.  The Horror.  The Horror.

Live on Channel 9 – Death

2 thoughts on “Live on Channel 9 – Death

  1. How horrifying. While I understand that death can be an unfortunate part of law-enforcement, I just think it’s so inappropriate to show that sort of thing on television. Death in general, should never be shown real-time on television. It is not a show.

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