Riding Through the Night

I find myself, once again in the back seat of a black car driving through a cold rainy winters night, listening to a radio station I don’t understand.  Deja Vu all over again as Yogi once said.

It’s about 8pm right here, right now. That makes it 4am at home and 7am in NY and noon in London.  My GSM phone doesn’t speak Chinese.  I would send my sister a text from my other phone, but her mobile network doesn’t accept calls from US carriers.  I carry 2 phones when I travel, redundancy mitigates the risks and all travel is ultimately risk mitigation.

The light from the Shang Zhong road tunnel light the page I am writing on.  Tile along the walls makes me think of the Lincoln tunnel, but it’s definitely not.  This is its own color and feel.   The side windows are fog up as we make our way west out of Shanghai.  I couldn’t see much of it because of the clouds and rain, or was that smog?  On the bright side, there wasn’t much traffic.

Same View Different Place

The flight was 15 hours long.  There were delays related to this being the first day of the United/Continental merger.   I saw a tweet from @united while I was at the gym at about 1am this morning (California time) indicating that the last Continental flight landed about 12:30am Central time from Narita to Houston.  It took me a minute to understand the implication; the end of era.

Dang it’s a bad night to be riding a scooter on the freeway.   I guess one has to do what one must.

I landed an hour behind schedule, I am now later for dinner that was originally planned. I will have to run in, shave, change clothes and make my way downstairs.  I hope they are all still there.

This whole thing seems so eerily familiar.   I remember riding in the back of a car;  the woods were dark and the trees were bare.  I remember falling asleep in that car just as I am about to fall asleep in this one.   A deep restful sleep that will last may 5 or 15 minutes, I won’t know when I wake up wondering where the heck I am.  I’ve done this all before and will probably do it again.  What time is it?

I don’t do well crossing the date line.  Last time I woke up at 3am for the first 3 days and then 4am on the fourth.   Only being out to see an Australian Rules football game until 1am allowed me to sleep like a rock on the 4th night.   I should have flown out on Friday night and gotten here Saturday.  Instead, it’s a full day of work tomorrow and all week.

The flight was filled with cat naps.   I might have slept an hour max at one point.  Cat nap, wake, read, nap, watch movie, nap, read, nap…  over and over. I tried to make a soft landing in this time zone.  Only time will tell.

We’re here. Let’s not leave anything in the back of the car.  I almost left this scarf in the back of a car in Barcelona once.  The driver started to pull away and I only needed a few steps to catch her.  I left this scarf’s sister in San Francisco Airport last year.  I still don’t know how I screwed that one up.

Dang I’m tired and I’m babbling.   Miles to go though.  Miles to go.

Riding Through the Night

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