It’s Hard to Balance All These Blessings

It’s just so hard to balance it all. I don’t mean hard, like the Child doesn’t have food or medicine .  It’s not hard like I am praying to God to relief of some great illness.   I mean it’s hard like choosing between steak and salmon when someone else is paying for dinner.

I am about 15 hours shy of being home for a full week. I was travelling for work 13 days during April, during which time I had meetings in Northern California, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and Ireland. I made stops in London and New York to visit family on the way home. These trips included 15 flights, each one with their own set of  wonderful instructions for take off and landing. At one point I flew into and out of Heathrow airport on 3 consecutive days and my luggage made it each time. 

During the last 7 days of my trip I completed runs of 13, 3 and 4 miles. The last run was a fund-raiser for the EJ Autism foundation in East Islip New York.  I was particularly happy with that race and will write about it…… someday.

I landed back in LA about 9pm last Sunday, came home, collapsed and was in the office by 7am each of the next 5 days. During the week I completed a 7 mile run and 3 poorly played sets of tennis.

I woke up yesterday with 6 miles on my training plan, lots of ambition, but very little energy.

There was a 5K fund-raiser literally a 10 minute run from my house.  When my head left the pillow at 6am on Saturday, I had a million reasons to run that race. Given how well I think I did in East Islip, I really wanted to test myself with a 5K to see if my performance last week was a fluke.  Yet, sometimes it feels narcissistic to go off and run when there are other things that need to be taken care of.

Yesterday turned out to be a day to give the house a good deep cleaning. It was also a day to tear a hole in a bedroom wall and to start addressing a plumbing leak.  That hole needs some more attention today.  Laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, and church all were higher priorities yesterday than the 6 mile run on my calendar.  As I was in church I thought of my friends and relatives who are ill.  I thought of those that have lost loved ones and those that have lost their homes.  I thought about those who are so less fortunate.

This morning, I rolled out of bed at 6:30, started the coffee brewing. I gave in to the grasp of the horizontal monster and let it pull me to the sofa. There I read the morning email.   I came across Kat’s tale of running 20 miles via a 7 + half-marathon race and nearly freezing to death afterwards.  Kat is about 8 weeks ahead of me on my marathon training program.   Reading her post got me vertical, nourishing my body and even doing a bit of blogging while breakfast digests to a running-safe form.

I have to keep my body moving and training if I want to finish the San Francisco Marathon in under 5 hours.  The weeks are quickly ticking away and the race is getting closer. Life is also ticking away and May brings the Child’s 15th birthday, my 19th wedding anniversary,  Mother’s Day and a bunch of work-related milestones for which I am wearing the yellow-shirt and setting the pace. Days go by and it’s hard to balance all these many blessings.  In a way, the blessings have become like the air I breathe.

My schedule for this Tuesday evening has me running 5 miles, as well as playing tennis and attending a dinner for the 20th anniversary of a colleague.  I need to resolve those conflicts.  I also have the OC Half-Marathon a week from today, so I need to resolve those conflicts in a way that allow me some rest at the end of the week, sometime after my baby turns 15.  Again, like a fish swimming in water, I take no note of all the blessings surrounding me.

The Child is now awake.  I can hear her in the kitchen and I smell the French Toast she is cooking.  Her mother is also up and moving. Time for me to go welcome them to this day and then go run.

Wishing you all a peaceful and simple day with some degree of balance and appreciation for the gifts the day brings you.

So, just out of curiosity, what blessings does the day bring to you?

It’s Hard to Balance All These Blessings

3 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Balance All These Blessings

  1. I am meeting my good friend, Trish, today for coffee. And the rest of the time is with kids and doing taxes. I’ve left it too long (deadline here is tomorrow midnight!), but the blessing is I have some income from writing this year (first year ever!). The bad side is this is a whole new tax thing for me. But I’m not going to trade it.

    Welcome home!

  2. What I so love about the running community is that we all keep one another going, you know? That being said, I am so incredibly impressed by the mileage you’re doing + the amount of travel you’ve done. THAT takes far more dedication than running the same old loop over and over again.

    As for blessings: Today was a day filled with family, much needed time to myself and relaxation. It was beyond perfect.

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