The 500 Mile Lagging Indicator

Last year, I wrote a blog post on my 2010 running. I thought about writing a sequel piece, but the whole Reverb series burned me out on looking back to 2011.

In January, I received my 2011 annual report from the good people at the Daily Mile.  Their website is basically a social media site that tracks workouts, estimates calorie usage and tracks progress.

I was aiming to run 500 miles in 2011, but in August, I officially fell fall off pace.  Work and life had me asking the question if that random number of 500 was important enough to push from a weekly pace of 9 miles to running 11 miles on average every week.   Turns out, it wasn’t.  I decided that I would run for the fun of running and not to achieve a number.

My 2011 Mileage Report from the Daily Mile

In February of this year,  I noticed that  my 12 month mileage total exceeded 500 miles.  I was pleased.   That lasted until the start of the next month when my  February 2011 miles fell off and I was a good bit under 500 miles again.

After a few weeks, I was back over 500 miles for the 12 months… and then as the month ended, my March 2011 mileage fell below 500.

On this the last day of April, my 12 month mileage total 538 miles and tomorrow 32 miles from April 2011 will fall off.    I will start May 2012 with 506 miles  on the books.  I am going to consider that a milestone.

At this point, the 500 mile mark is an 11 month lagging indicator of my mileage.   It’s still a random number, but it feels good to know that it represents only 11 months work, achieved, rather than 12 months work aspired to.

I know that there are people who run more in a week than I do in a month.  I respect what they can do. Life choices and my body don’t grant me that level of performance.

I know that my running program could use more speed-work and fewer long runs.  My diet and my cross-training programs could be better.  There are many garbage miles in my program… and I enjoy them.   The whole idea of measuring my max heart rate, is just too much work.

I am not going to be an Olympic athlete.   It’s going to be a while before I finish in the top half of a half-marathon field.   I probably won’t win my age bracket unless I reach the ripe old age of 105.   None of that stuff matters, because just for today, my 506 miles over 11 months is enough.

The 500 Mile Lagging Indicator

4 thoughts on “The 500 Mile Lagging Indicator

  1. washmysocks says:

    I am only writing this to see if I am still barred from leaving a comment. however, this sounds very impressive to me!

  2. washmysocks says:

    I am only writing this to check if I am still barred from leaving a comment, however, this sounds very impressive to me!

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