Braces are off! Next: Driving

A text message came through to me at work this morning.  It contained a picture of  The Child without her braces.  They were removed today.

She has been looking forward to this day for what seems like forever.   Various devices have been in her mouth for the past four years to align her jaw and then to straighten her bite.

Over the years, she has been tender in the mouth due to adjustments as well as broken brackets and poking wires.  It’s over now.

I remember when she first started this whole process she had a device fail the Saturday night before a major cheer competition.  She was so very upset.   We were going to have to cut the very thick stainless steel wire or her mouth was going to get shredded during her cheer routine. I broke the old wire cutters out of mytool box to mitigate the offending device. 

I knew this wasn’t going to go well.  You should have seen her face when I walked into her bedroom with the power drill. It freaked her out until she realized I was kidding.  The joke did made the wire cutters seem less threatening.  Neither of the ladies knew how my heart was pounding when I clipped that wire in her mouth.   I don’t think I will ever forget that visual of my wire cutters inside The Child’s mouth.  The joke about the power drill was to calm me as much for me as it was for them.

So know another phase has ended.   Another rite of passage is complete.   Next comes driving.   Have you seen the commercial where the dad gives the little girl in the car the keys and gives her the lecture about texting and not driving on the freeway?  Then in the last shot the girl is 16?   I see and hear that commercial every time it plays, even when it’s on in another part of the house.

One of the last pictures from “the braces” era.
Braces are off! Next: Driving

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