Drop Out – Day 2

Today was my second day in my own private Idaho.

By that I mean it was a day of heightened awareness of my propensity to waste my life staring at boxes.

I limited the morning computer activity to about 30 minutes with no twitter comments and only one Facebook wall post to one of an old friend who got married today.

I found myself checking my email on my phone too much today. Maybe it was a substitute behavior for the FB/twitter stimuli that my brain seeks. I eventually turned off the wireless feature, putting and end to that.

I was scheduled to take a 7 mile run, but other priorities owned the morning.  I prepared the back yard for a work party I am planning in 11 days. .

I transplanted the new tiny mango tree which wasn’t doing well where it was planted a few weeks ago.   I also did do an internet search to find possible causes for the leaves curling on two of my pear trees. I am hoping it’s just too much watering.  You know why the midwester farmers tend to be more religious than the rest of us?   Because when one grows food, all one can do is water, fertilize and pray.

My Mother in Law came for a quick visit today. I decided to stop working when she arrived and sit with her a bit and listen to how she was doing. That’s new behavior for me. I don’t always extend my fullest hospitality to her when she visits, it’s embarassing to write, but it’s true.  It’s easy to be too busy for her.  As usual, she brought her large black dog with her. He proceeded to take a huge crap in the back yard. Oh well.

Laura and her mom went off to a funeral today. I stayed home with The Child. We decided to go out for lunch.

I ate my sandwich too fast and got the hiccups.  I asked her why she thought God invented hiccups.    She quickly countered with “Why did God Make Terrorists?“.   I answered her that I don’t think God did make terrorists.  I think society made terrorists.   I paraphrased Dr. Tim, that we are all born perfect with everything God wants us to have and be, it’s our society and the belief systems around us that transform us into service-agents.   It happens all over in different forms.  In our western society we get hung up on money, clothes and having cars.   It can become too important to us.    I told her that as long as we live our lives focused on love, trust integrity and giving, we are aligned with who God wants us to be.   At that point she tossed the “OK DAD’, which was the signal that she was done.

From there, we ran some errands and then came home.  She proceeded to make cookies for sick friends and I went to the store to pick up ingredients for dinner tomorrow.   Part of my 30 minutes this morning was spent at Kat’s blog, which pictures a corn with avocado salsa recipe, which lead me to the food blog Comfortably Delicious, which featured a recipe for Asian Inspired Flank Steak with Corn and Avocado Salsa.  While at the store I  picked up a bouquet of flowers for my mother-in-law.  I figure they might lift her spirits after the funeral.  They did.   I am going to call that my tune-in victory of the day.

I came home and my daughter and I worked in the kitchen, she made and frosted cookies, I made marinade and started the flank steak soaking.

Later, I went upstairs and turned on a [computer] box to listen to the Yankees game.    Then about an hour later the Kings game came on the another box [TV].   I plugged the audio from both boxes into another box [the stereo] and proceeded to alternate back and forth through the tuner.  During the Kings game, the hockey feed came through the speakers.  During the intermission and commercial, I switch to the baseball feed.

I hopped on the treadmill and ran 3.5 miles until the unthinkable happened.   The Master Box [Cable Modem] failed.    It ruined my Ménage à trois‘ and I had to get off the treadmill to fix it.   Within minutes the signal returned, but in the meantime,  I was cutoff.  I was in a digital desert. I wondered what radio station the hockey game might be on.  Hard to find out without internet.  And of course, the message on the TV screen wanted me to check their website for more information.   Sigh.   Everything rebooted, but when the TV came back on, the Devil’s had tied the game.   Dinner was had during the intermission between the 3rd period and overtime; ok, I’m not perfect.

I did check my WordPress stats today.   I was shocked to see that there were so few views through 4pm.   It was a record low day.   I guess when one does not advertise, one should not expect the world to come reading your blog.  I felt uncomfortable, with how little activity there was today.   Sounds like that the lack of activity might be good for me.   Another stimulus [validation] my brain is seeking.

So it’s 10:42pm.  The Child just went to bed.  I thanked her for going to lunch with me and running errands.  I also revisited the Love Trust, Integrity and Giving message.

Now it’s time for bed.  I have to flip the marinating meat in a few minutes.  My laundry is finished and put away.   It was a good day.   It wasn’t box-free, but it was better than most days in 2012.

I accomplished the goal of spending that little bit of more time with my family.  I also pulled my head out of my box long enough to get and implement an idea for dinner tomorrow.    All in all, I call this a day a win.

Drop Out – Day 2

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