Day 3 – Kimo’s Rules

This third-day in my own private IdahoIronically, it’s also the birthday of Allen Ginsburg.

I woke up, rolled out of bed, turned on the coffee, avoided going straight for the computer and instead made myself some scrambled eggs and avocado.   Breakfast was in me by 6:30 which meant I could comfortably start my long run about 8:30.  Changing the order up of my morning probably saved me a half hour at least.  At worst, I saved me from making the run on an empty stomach (again).

While breakfast digested, I checked the email,  Facebook and Twitter and the WordPress stats, also known as the junk-food my brain craves.  Just like yesterday and all the days before, there was no life-changing news on any of the social media.

After the family woke up, I called my sister who is vacationing in Ibiza. Tomorrow is her birthday.  We laughed and chatted for quite a while.

As I prepared for my long-run, I noticed that the Garmin battery was dead.   I plugged it into wall to try to get some kind of a charge on it before my 8-10 mile run.  I eventually headed out with a 40% charge on the Garmin and a hydration pack onmy back.  The hydration pack always slows me down, but all in all, I was happy with the pace.  When I hit mile 8, I noticed that the Garmin battery had died.   I was off the clock!

Repeatedly Seeking Useless Input

The run felt really good today.   I found myself singing out loud at several points today.   I pushed the route out to 13 miles total and it felt like I could have done another 10 if I had more water and more to snack on.    The ironic thing is that throughout this extended run, even though I knew it was dead, I continued to look at my Garmin for data. That’s the very thing I am trying to get myself unhooked from, seeking stimuli that serves no great meaning, just because my head wants it. 

After the run, there was not enough stretching, a good shower and a nap.  I decided not to put my compression socks on, because nothing says fashion forward than a man walking around the house on a Sunday afternoon in a green shirt, orange shorts and black socks that come most of the way up to his knees.  The green shirt I happened to put on was one that I purchased in Kauai about 12 years ago.   On the back are presented something called Kimo’s Rules:

  • Never Judge a Day By The Weather.
  • The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things.
  • Tell The Truth – There’s Less to Remember.
  • Speak Softly and Wear A Loud Shirt.
  • Goals are Deceptive – The Unaimed Arrow Never Misses.
  • He Who Dies With the Most Toys – Still Dies.
  • Age Is Relative – When You’re Over The Hill, You Pick Up Speed.
  • There Are 2 Ways to Be Rich – Make More Or Desire Less.
  • Beauty is Internal – Looks Mean Nothing.
  • No Rain – No Rainbows.

The rest of the day was pretty straight forward.   I made the Asian Inspired Flank Steak with the Avocado Corn Salsa.   The steak BBQ’ed nicely on the very hot grill.    The avocado corn salsa also tasted wonderful.   The salsa served on top of the steak was absolutely even better than the sum of the two.  We enjoyed dinner on the patio tonight.  I snapped a picture of the ladies seated for dinner in the back yard, and if I show it I would be killed.

I literally have a month’s worth of Writer’s Almanac Podcasts on my iPod.  My priorities have been screwed up.  I think that in the next 90 minutes, I am going to turn this box [computer] off, go read for 30 minutes and then listen to Garrison Keillor.  I will put my work computer back in my back-pack so it can be transported back to work in the morning.   I did no work this weekend.   I think that’s the victory for the day. 

So, what junk food does your brain crave?

Day 3 – Kimo’s Rules

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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