Foolish Email Writers

I encounter people want to write that emails of earth-shaking significance.

It seems that they want to create that document that will sway the masses to their perfect way of thinking.

Alternatively I’ve seen those who write so that one glorious day,  time will prove them right and with the grace of God, the author can pull out their email from 1993 and wave it to fend off the hounds that have beaten down the door to devoured the non-believers.

After nearly a quarter century in industry, I’ve found that the only memos and emails that later were of any great value, were always inconsequential in the moment and were,  thankfully, concise, on-point, professional and contained no grammatical errors or misspellings.

Emails never bring about great change that the author intended. Better to pick up the phone or go across the hallway and chat.

Foolish Email Writers

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