Can You Hear Her Now?

A Portrait of God in Eastern California

A Portrait of God in Eastern California

With great respect to the spirituality found in the rocky mountain music of John Denver, I realized this morning that’s easy to see God in the mountains, in the streams and in the forests.

What can be more difficult is to find Her in the airports, in front of a an electronic box (TV, computer, cell phone) or among the masses in the cities. We are always in God’s country, but it seems that if we aren’t careful, the concrete, steel and all the power cords can block out The Signal.

We have to constantly monitor our connection and when necessary, turn up the gain, lest we risk losing contact.

Connection to God and the universe is not quite like cell phone signal though. We don’t all of a sudden turn a corner and get 5 bars back. Disconnection begets disconnection. Meaningful reconnection is a slow process, and far from casual.

So, how many bars you sporting these days? Is the signal strong enough for you? If not, what’s your plan?

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Can You Hear Her Now?

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