Reverb 2012 – First Half Almost Completed

The first six months of 2012 are almost over.   It’s time to review the goals for 2012 and see how I am doing.

  • Run New York:  I was orignially planning on running the Hamptons Half marathon, but instead complete 4 Miler run on behalf of the E&J Autism foundation in East Islip New York.   
  • Experience Lent and Easter in a deeper more spiritually satisfying manner.    Made progress, but still not satisfied.
  • Improve the work/family balance towards the favor of family.  Visited my father in New York.  I will be seeing cousins in San Francisco and UK family during 2012.  Want to do better at home.

  • Share a meal with a friend or family I haven’t seen since the 80’s.  Boy, no progress on this one.  I did have a lovely time with some friends in East Rockaway in April.  Needs focus.

  • Finish in the top 95% in the WiproSan Francisco Marathon. This would be reasonable for a 47-year-old guy running his first marathon.   I’m a bit behind in my training. This might be a bottom 3% now rather than bottom 5%.

  • Spend fewer than 28 nights away from home on business-related travel.  Stretch goal: Fewer than 10 nights. So far, only 11 nights spent away from home on business-related travel.  So far, no additional travel on the radar screen. 

  • Finish the Long Beach and Disneyland Half marathons in the top 50% while still capturing some great pictures during the race.  Race is in September.

  • Trail Runs:  Enjoy Xterra Malibu half as well as the Mission Gorge 15.   Have a strong showing (<= 1hr) at the Buffalo Alley 10K Trail Run.   Mission Gorge was difficult as always but fun.  I missed the Malibu half due to work travel.

  • Have lunch with at least one person from work each month.  Three different people in six months.  I need to get at least 9 more people this year.

  • Outside the US, I would like to complete a half-marathon in a country that doesn’t have a picture of Queen Elizabeth on their currency.  Completed!  Copenhagen.

  • Fewer (<2 per set) unforced errors when I receive serves in tennis.  Not made any progress on this one what so ever.

  • See the New York Islanders win a game in Los Angeles.   They lost against Anaheim. That goal was mostly out of my control, but I was there, just in case they won.

So goals aside, I have had the awareness that I have only run one trail run this year.   I have been focused on this marathon and been hitting the streets to the exclusion of the trails.  I love trail running.    It’s my real thing.  I have three street runs scheduled this year and only one trail run.  I am going to have to get myself back on the trails.
All in all, I am not doing too bad.
How are you doing on your goals for 2012?

Reverb 2012 – First Half Almost Completed

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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