Sunday Fishing in Stream of Consciousness

It’s 6am on a cool June Sunday morning. It’s the last day of my vacation. It’s the last day of rest for a while.

My brain woke up about an hour ago after work-dreams sledge hammered my peace.

It’s a bit chilly to sit outside the morning. I am laying on the couch with the window open having read through a dozen blogs while the birds outside greeted the morning. A distant train whistle sounds a reminder that Metrolink is running. As the sounds of the train fades, I became aware of the dull hum of the refrigerator compressor.

My butt hurts. Friday involved 2 separate three mile walks, one of them double timed up a nasty hill so I could make it to 2 hours of tennis. These walks came after a short swim, some lifting and a 1 mile run at 10% grade. Yesterday had a 4 mile run which I didn’t really want to do, but hauled myself out get done.

I was invited to play tennis at 11am today. Like a kid on the playground, I jumped at the opportunity to join a new group. Social inclusion is big for me, lifelong outsider that I have always been. I planned to ride my 20 year-old bike to the beach today, but I tossed that plan aside when the invite came.

As the Yankees are playing the Mets tonight on ESPN, I will probably watch the game from my treadmill. I will run from the first pitch to the last out. Extra inning games are much more special when running a treadmill to the last out.

The end of the Yankees/Mets series marks the end of interleague play meaning that June is nearly over. One more week and we start July, my busiest work month of the year. At least this year, I don’t have to travel, everyone is coming to me. After July, things don’t really slow down, but the focus and much of the pressure is off me and on others.

July also marks Marathon month for me. I spent a few hours yesterday exploring the course and estimating the grades on the San Francisco hills and fretting over my ability to make the 26 miles in the allotted 6 hours. I was a little worked up until I looked at my recent Garmin data for my 20+ mile runs. I should be fine as long as I eat something around mile 13. Thank goodness for actual data.
I have nothing to do for the next 4 hours except read and write. The family is asleep, the computer will stay off, and I will continue to lay here while the sun rises, the birds sing, the refrigerator hums and thoughts flow.

So, what’cha doin?

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Sunday Fishing in Stream of Consciousness

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