It’s Not Easy Being….

We went around the room and repeated the weekly ritual. The leader asks, ‘Are you red, yellow, or green?’ I want to puke at this point.

I dispise the corporate color palate used to describe or individual and aggregated states.

Green generally means all is swell, Everything’s good in my neck of the woods. There are no problems on the horizon.

Yellow is a but ambiguous. Just like in the spectrum, yellow is closer to green than red. Depending on how the team defines it, there might be a risk on the horizon, or it might mean that if something doesn’t happen, the we might be late. Yellow is the color of the worrier.

Red means that there’s a problem. But it’s OK to be red. If there’s no red, we probably weren’t being aggressive enough. We just need a plan to get back to yellow or green. Red allows us to see in an instant where the problems are… Really!

I would have loved to hear George Carlin go on a rant about this one.

Might he gave talked about how the Titanic was green just before it hit the iceberg? Then it went to yellow, just until the impact of the impact was studied, understood and an impact report completed. Things could have been red until people started getting into lifeboats. Then for some, it was green. For others, it was yellow. It all depends on the operational definitions.

The guy who didn’t quite make it on that very last lifeboat, his butt went from green to red really quick. Ultimately, he turned blue.

Today, when asked for my color, my response was neither understood nor not well-received. When asked to live within the constraints of red, yellow or green, my, truth was, “I’m purple“.

It’s Not Easy Being….

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