Questions for the Angels

A pilgrim on a pilgrimage
Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
His sneakers torn
In the hour when the homeless move their cardboard blankets
And the new day is born
Folded in his backpack pocket
The questions that he copied from his heart
Who am I in this lonely world?
And where will I make my bed tonight?
When twilight turns to dark
Questions for the angels
Who believes in angels?
Fools do
Fools and pilgrims all over the world
………From Paul Simon’s Song, “Questions for the Angels” on the CD “So Beautiful or So What”
Questions for the Angels?
What questions would I ask the angels?
  1. How many days does it take to fly across heaven?
  2. How much does God laugh and what does he sound like?
  3. When choirs of angels sing, who picks the song and the key? Do all angels have perfect pitch?
  4. Has my mother been very much trouble?
  5. Do babies really pick their parents?
  6. Can you watch over my child and my father?
  7. When Jesus performed a miracle, did it take a lot out of him? Seems like he often needed to rest afterward.
  8. Is the dog intentionally trying to manipulate me with his eyes as he stares at me while I eat?
  9. If the people we hate disappear, will we just find new people to hate?
  10. When a baby dies before their parents, who greets them in heaven?
  11. Is St. Michael as kick-ass as he’s made out to be?
Questions for the Angels?
What questions would you ask the angels?
Questions for the Angels

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