Salmon Saturday Afternoon: Cajun Salmon Salad

Salmon Saturday: Because there are so many great ways to make Salmon and someone has to start writing them down.

This Salmon Saturday is brought to you by Gracios Restaurant in Brea, CA.

This Cajun Salmon Salad was not on the menu, but the staff were so kind as to mix several of the specialities of the night for me.  The salmon was fresh which is the start of good meal.

Cajun Salmon Salad

When the plate arrived I asked Laura just to smell the delicious aroma coming off the cajun spiced salmon. This was the single best smelling piece of fish I have ever eaten. The bed of salad underneath the fish, like all salads at Gracios was fresh.

There was an interesting dynamic between the cold salad and the warm, spicy salmon.  I alternated between eating the fish by itself and eating with the salad.  The whole meal was enjoyable.

Laura had the cannelloni for dinner.  It’s was comfort food.   The sauce was rich, meaty and hearty.

Gracios is a family favorite of ours.  We eat there probably a half-dozen times each year.
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Salmon Saturday Afternoon: Cajun Salmon Salad

One thought on “Salmon Saturday Afternoon: Cajun Salmon Salad

  1. I’m pretty sure you win for getting the restaurant to hustle you a dish like that! I’ve never thought about doing a Cajun Salmon before but I really like the idea. Especially when combined with the salad – I think it could be a way to get Marcus on board with Meat Salads.

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