Salmon Saturday Afternoon: Thai Specialty Salmon

Salmon Saturday: Because there are so many great ways to make Salmon and someone has to start writing them down.

Today’s Salmon Saturday Afternoon comes from Thai Specialty in Brea, California.      Salmon sauteed in spicy white wine sauce flavors with lemon, garlic, Bell peppers
and chilies served on a bed of spinach.   This is served with egg-rolls and a bed of rice.    The Salmon doesn’t taste necessarily like fish, but it’s quick, healthy and hits the spot.

I can’t say a negative thing about Thai Specialty.   The menu is broad, the food is always good.   Service is good and the prices are reasonable.    Portions are also reasonable.   It’s a good place to go for lunch or dinner for light conversation.   Tables are groups fairly close together, so I wouldn’t plan on having a top secret meeting there.

Thai Specialties on Urbanspoon

Salmon Saturday Afternoon: Thai Specialty Salmon

2 thoughts on “Salmon Saturday Afternoon: Thai Specialty Salmon

  1. As far as I’m concerned, it’s hard to go wrong with chiles, so this sounds just perfect, really. I think one of the nice parts about salmon is that you can eat it in a way that really showcases the fish, or you can use it as a serviceable protein that blends well.

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