Yes, Sir. That’s My Baby.

She is reading the last book in the Hunger Games series while I read HOWL. She doesn’t realize that I am staring at her, otherwise she would tell at me to knock it off.

The green eyes she inherited from my mother scan the page intently then look up for a moment to make sure that this isn’t our stop. She is 300+ pages into this book and tearing it up. I like that she reads while other teens peer at electronic time-sinks.

It’s days like this when we are travel that I see how much we are alike in temperament and drive to get where we need to be exactly when we need to be there. She is a mirror for me and I do like what I see.

She makes good choices when it comes to eating. Clearly, she doesn’t get that from me. She plans like a fiend, that’s me!

She runs the mile in under 8 minutes. She holds other human beings up 20 times a day at cheer practice, which explains why she has the shoulders, arms and back of an athlete. She has a kindness of heart that is so very Irish. She has the Irish stubbornness too.

She just takes care of business. I like that about her as well.

I was tickled by the fact that she brought 3 pairs of shoes on a two day trip. Even better is the fact that she wore all three pairs yesterday.

As the train arrives at the station, she grabs the shared bag and takes point. With ease, she leads us through this airport which is new to her.  I’ve been here many times, but I just follow her lead.  We let her go through the security check by herself, because she is completely capable of getting through airports by herself.  She is after all, going on her third passport in the next few months.

I am just so very proud of who she is. She’s going to be alright.

Lead on my Child, Lead on

Lead on my child, lead on

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Yes, Sir. That’s My Baby.

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