Where Has My Child Gone!?!

About 3 miles into my run this morning, I stopped and sent The Child  a text:

“Sorry I missed you this morning. I was going to wake you up with a song, but Mom thought that was a bad idea. Have fun today and know that I love you.”

This was immediately followed by a second text:
“And remember text your mother every once in a while”

During the last 1/4 mile of my run,  I saw my neighbors turn the corner in their car with my dear daughter in the back seat.  They  were starting their journey to San Diego.  About 3 hours later, my texts were acknowledged with a very concise, “OK.

So here I sit  about 8 hours later with my precious child 90 minutes away. This is difficult, but certainly not as bad as last month when she went to Arizona for 3 days with friends.

I like my daughter at home… where it’s safe. I dislike her being out in the world. I suspect that God is giving me these times of separation so I can start to get used to it.

The Child: Safe as a bug in a rug

In the past few days, she announced that she was planning on taking AP Euro History this next semester.  The students in that class have had all summer to work on an assignment due the first day of class.  She reached out to some friends to get the assignment and started working on it this weekend.  She actually took some of the work with her on this road trip.   She has a lot more free time now that she finished her two semester on-line geometry class last week.  Frankly, I didn’t get volunteering to take a class on her computer for six weeks, but she did it.

A slightly more recent picture

Did I mention that she does extra work? We are waiting for her appearances on a Nick TV show called “Victorious” to air.   She is going to be on an episode airing in the next few weeks named, “The Cell Block” and another called “Tori Saves Jade and Beck”.

We are about 3 months away from the Child being able to get her permit.   She wants a Jeep.  Yeah, a Jeep.

We just got a text that the baby is on her way back from San Diego.  I just need to appreciate the time remaining.

Where Has My Child Gone!?!

8 thoughts on “Where Has My Child Gone!?!

  1. As I’m reading this, William just came in to show me that “abstract” ships he built from Lego. Then he announced he’s going to be an architect, an engineer, or a builder. It’s a long way from AP European History, but I get your point.

  2. Yes, it’s God’s way of preparing you for the inevitable. They are only ours for such a short time. Then they go off on their own, and don’t understand why we get so crazy when they do… until they have one of their own. Vicious cycle.

  3. phrankyc says:

    My 10 year old daughter loves that show. I am not looking forward to her branching out on her own, I feel your pain.

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