Oranges? Already?

I was walking the back yard the other day and it struck me that there were a about 20 oranges already well-grown in my tree.

Oranges in August

As it was 97 degrees outside, I was a bit taken aback as these fruit won’t turn orange for quite a while. They will be ripe for the picking in the early part of next year. Then I realized that the early part of next year isn’t so far away.  Nature has to start early I guess.

Food takes so long to grow and yet we consume it so quickly. I am not just talking about fruits and vegetables.  Try and imagine about how many cows and chickens are needed to restock just Mc Donalds.  Think about how long it took to grow each animal and how much feed they required just to meat one day’s demand.  It gets a bit overwhelming to think about it.

I recall the two times that I drove through the Texas panhandle and had to roll up the windows from the smell of the miles and miles of cattle.  It all feels…. wrong.

Oranges? Already?

One thought on “Oranges? Already?

  1. I actually have often thought about how many chickens have to die each day to keep America alone supplied with dinner.

    My little orange tree in my office had beautiful blooms but the fruits fell off after only a couple of weeks. Yours are beautiful.

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