Out of the High Grass and Up the Field

I feel behind.

I am not really behind, but I have a lot to do in the next 8 weeks.  Feeling behind is how I respond to the stress.

I have had the big rocks put in place, now it’s just a question of how to arrange the chairs, what color are they, how comfortable are they will be,  who sits, where and at what time and day in what city.

I am coming to view life much like a soccer practice.  Either the ball is moving up-field, or it’s sitting in the high grass and must be put back in play. My mind respond to that stress by feeling behind and then by waking up earlier and earlier.   My mind requires less sleep than the rest of my body and truth be told, it isn’t very considerate of what the rest of me needs.

Running Through the High Grass

In truth, there is probably plenty of time, it’s just a matter of how I use it and how I address the other distractions that rear their unwelcome heads.

I just checked the clock as I have allocated 10 more minutes to write this blog. Then I have to create flowchart describing a process in its current and proposed future state. I have to show this process on Tuesday during a 12-hour day trip to Northern California. I would plan to work it up on Monday at work, but I have a 10 hour meeting locked in a really small room with 4 other people on a completely unrelated topic. Staff meeting this week will absorb all Wednesday, Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon.  Friday morning will be for catch up. Friday afternoon will be another 4 hour meeting advancing the discussion from Monday.  From now through the end of October, my weekends and evenings are my only time to move things up the field.

Summer vacation is definitely over.

Out of the High Grass and Up the Field

One thought on “Out of the High Grass and Up the Field

  1. Hazzah! I figured you had to be somewhere else. Okay, California. So it’s 3 hours earlier there. You are still up late. I liked this post. And I see you are a runner. I always wanted to have the endurance, but I’m more of a sprinter. 😉

    Thanks for visiting my place today. Tonight. You know what I mean. Good night.

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