Day 0 – Flight 1 Cancelled. Let’s Go Yankees

About 2pm the message flashed across my blackberry:

Flight UA6281 11OCT from SNA to SFO is cancelled. You are now confirmed on UA1293 11OCT departing 9:27 pm, SNA to PHL via EWR. The flight is now estimated to arrive PHL at 9:10 am.

Thank you, but that’s going to put me about 3 hours behind schedule. Called my admin and gave her a few options to reschedule me. A few minutes later a representative from Travel called to discuss options.

The first option was an earlier flight to San Francisco. That meant canceling a doctor appointment I’ve waited a month for.

I could fly into Dulles and drive 2 hours north. There were no flight into Baltimore that would have me where I needed to be when I had to be there. Ultimately, I had to take the last seats on an earlier flight to San Francisco. Ultimately, not the worst outcome.

I went to watch my daughter cheer for about 15 minutes then headed to John Wayne Airport. Living in Orange County, John Wayne doesn’t offer the flights that LAX does, but I hate LAX. I hate driving there, I hate waiting there and I hate coming home through there. I would rather spend 2 hours more traveling than landing there and driving home.

So as soon as my new flight was booked I received a message that my new flight would be departing an hour late, basically 30 minutes before my original flight. So I will sit here and watch the Yankees on the bar TV.

I hope ARod does well. If the Yankees don’t win, maybe I cam get tickets to game 5 tomorrow.

It’s all good.

Day 0 – Flight 1 Cancelled. Let’s Go Yankees

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