Days 4 Through 7 – Jetlag, Fog and work

I really did want to write every day during this trip. Unfortunately, once the work weeks started, time and sleep became dear.

Monday was easy. Up at 6, dressed and walk across the street through the fog for weekday mass by 7:45am. The first wave of us left for the office at a the civilized hour of 8:20am and meeting number 1 went from 10am to 2pm with a brief break for lunch at the canteen. Another car picked us up at 3:30pm and we were back at the hotel for 4pm. It was in my opinion a proper way to cope with the jet lag . We had a wonderful dinner with the people from meeting number 2. Then bed.

Sunrise through the fog on Monday

Each day became a little more busy and the morning pickups gradually moved to 7am and the evening drop offs moved out to 5:30.   Wednesday, I added second meetings from 2pm to 5pm. I never got to church after Monday and despite best intentions, I never got to bed before 11.

There were a lot of scenes from the back of a car this week. Luckily the trip from Ennis to work isn’t too long and it is very scenic.

On the road from Tullah to Ennis

Monday night I took a bit of time to stroll over to Paddy Quinn’s Public House.  I came in here my first trip to visit in 2010 and it immediately became my favorite place in Ennis.  It’s a little pub off a side street that one might not give another look at.  I walked in on Monday and was greeted by the owner who recognized me from quick stop over in April. I was disappointed to see that Joe wasn’t there.   Joe is the Norm of this particular establishment.  He’s in his mid-sixtys, very Irish and hilarious.

Downtown Ennis at 8pm

Tuesday night, Joe was there.  We had the pub pretty much to ourselves and were laughing all the while.  A young American couple wandered in after a bit.  It was their last night Ireland and technically, their honeymoon was over.  They were so incredibly young.   They had met at the University of Buffalo when she was a freshman and he was a senior.  Luckily, he went back to get an advanced degree the next year.  After knowing each other for 5 years, they tied the knot.  They delayed their honeymoon for about 3 months, because many of their friends were getting married at the same time.   I remember those times, when we had to adjust our wedding date because another couple also booked the date. These two were so sweet and so very young.   We stood at the bar and chatted for about a half hour until I HAD to go at 9pm.

A multi-national contingent

Wednesday, I brought a party of eight with me.  We had just had dinner and decided to have dessert at the pub.  We sampled the Red Breast Whiskey and the beverages on tap. This party went a little bit late.   We had representatives from the US, Germany, Norway, Ireland and Italy at this party.  The conversation was fun and the laughs flowed like the rain we’ve seen every day.  Speaking of rain, does anyone know why when it rains in Ireland, the internet goes down.

Today was a 7am ride to the factory, two meetings and then I escaped early at 4:30 to get back to the Old Ground in order to pack.   Then I went downstairs for a contract discussion over tea and scones.   That’s what one does at the Old Ground, one sits in the comfy chairs in front of the fireplace and works.   From there, we went out for a work dinner which for me included the most wonderful Irish stew and Guinness

The Sitting Areas in the Old Ground Hotel

From there, I sent an email reminding my group of 7 that we have a bus arriving at 6am to take us to the airport for our 7:30am flight.   That was my last official work-related activity of the day.

Now I am back in Patty Quinn’s, where the owner calls me by name and wouldn’t take my money for my Smithwick’s.    This place rocks.  I need a little time alone and this place offers me a that quiet time.   People drain me.

Tomorrow a small sub-group fly to London for a few customer visits.  I had picked a really nice Marriott near Kensington palace.  Unfortunately, life changed my plans  and now we are staying at a Holiday Inn near the airport.  That sucks.

Leaving here now, I might get at least 5 hours of sleep.

Yankees have not won a game since I left the country.  Just sayin’

Days 4 Through 7 – Jetlag, Fog and work

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