Day 14 – Headed Home

The work part is over. The laptop is stowed. Now all that remains is a train ride across Switzerland, a 12 hour flight to LAX and then a car ride home.

I will arrive in my home 14 days to the hour that I left. This trip has involved 4 countries, 2 cancelled flights, one abandoned flight, 5 actual flights, 14 train rides, 3 cab rides, 10 car service pickups, 2 airport shuttles, and 4 hotels. I have also managed to squeeze in 13 miles worth of running, a Yankee game with my dad and quick stop at Coney Island. Must tell you that New York seems a lifetime ago.

So just shy of 6000 miles and I am home. No more big travel until May.

Just a Few Kilometers to Go

Just a Few Kilometers to Go

Day 14 – Headed Home

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Headed Home

  1. Holy shizzlesticks. That is a lot of travel. I hate traveling. I mean, I like getting where I’m supposed to go, but I don’t love the process of getting there. You should probably never travel with me. Or we should go on that show, The Great Race. We would probably make great TV. 😉

    1. definitely. I am all about planning and organization and being at the right place at the designated time. I am a major pain to travel with. Great idea though.

      Have a great week.

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