Once More into That Good Night, Dear Friends.

Once more into that good night.  As a former English major, I believe I can be shot for mixing Dylan Thomas and Henry V.  Oh well.

It’s Saturday night and while others are out partying,  I’m at an airport waiting for a red-eye.   There’s an element of self-inflicted suckitude in this.

I have flown out of this airport the 11th day in the month in September, October and with a few hours latitude, November.  In a related kvetch, I have been in my own bed once in the last five, count them five Saturdays.   Granted that one of those Saturdays was a short vacation weekend.  Two of those three work-related Saturdays were spent sleeping on an airplane.  Work travel isn’t glamorous as people think.  I get to go places and sit in hotels and meeting rooms.  If I am lucky, I get to catch up with friends and family betwixt and between commitments.

I could have easily taken a morning flight tomorrow directly from LAX to any of the DC airports.  I just abhor flying East during the day.  On top of the hours in the air, moving across the three-time zones just destroys the day for me.  I would prefer to take my chance on an overnight flight in hopes of getting two or even three hours of uncomfortable sleep.    By arriving in the DC area early on Sunday, I have a chance of getting a good long run in as well, weather permitting.  I am supposed to start my 18 week program for the LA Marathon tomorrow.   This will be a fun week.

So once more into the breech, onto that packed plane that will take us into that, hopefully good and calm night to once again, land in Newark, NJ at 5:30 in the blessed am.

I am looking forward to watching the sun come up behind New York.  That never gets old.  That time of the morning in Newark is good for calling family in Europe. From there, onto the DC area.  The 14 day trip last month involved a lot of meetings and created a huge bolus of work.   This trip is for a 3 day seminar, locked in a hotel.   This time last year, I had planned on going to DC this week for a three-day conference, but this particular seminar, also in the DC area took presidence.

This particular trip post hurricane Sandy, I feel as if I should put my 4 hours to good use; like I should go volunteer to help with the cleanup.  It’s not enough time though.  I want to try to make my way to Long Island and see my friends in the Rockaways; and that would take a whole bunch of hours; more than I have.

They are calling me for my flight.  I leave you with a ritual, some of you may understand the significance.  If you don’t just listen to the music play.


Catch you on the flip side in Jersey people.

Once More into That Good Night, Dear Friends.