Prompt for 4 Dec: Cycles

Today’s prompt is courtesy of Raspberry Beret   #Reverb12. Day 4: Cycles

I was born in New York and grew up in Las Vegas.  I’ve always had a black thumb and never been able to grow anything.

Now I live in Orange County California in a home with fruit trees.  Me!  I have fruit trees!  A few years back, one of the priests in our parish pointed out how much abundance and unused capacity there is to grow fruits and vegetables in Southern California.  He gave us seed corn and asked people to take it home, plant it and bring back a portion of whatever grows to the church food bank.

Out of the experience of successfully growing corn, I planted a peach tree next to the orange tree that was resident in our back yard when we moved in. A few years later,  I added apple trees and then eventually a pair and cherry trees.

None of these trees bloom at the same time.  As the fruit on one ripens, the fruit on the next starts to form.  There is always something happening on one of the trees.

Oranges in August

The image above was taken last August.  All the fruit that was will be picked in February was present on the tree in August.   Those oranges just started to change color in late October and are not quite at the right color yet.

As I walked the yard last week, I noticed that the apple tree’s leaves are starting to turn.  They will fall in month or two.  I also noticed that the dormant cherry trees are starting to bud.   There might be cherries on that tree in six months.   It always amazes me when the trees bud and then new leave sprout.

The seasons come and go, but the back yard something is always growing somewhere.   I sometimes find myself observing where particular trees are in their cycle and being amazed at how much time there is between when the fruit first forms and when the fruit is ready for picking.

As I posted last August, “Food takes so long to grow and yet we consume it so quickly. I am not just talking about fruits and vegetables.  Try and imagine about how many cows and chickens are needed to restock just Mc Donalds.  Think about how long it took to grow each animal and how much feed they required just to meat one day’s demand.  It gets a bit overwhelming to think about it.”

Prompt for 4 Dec: Cycles

3 thoughts on “Prompt for 4 Dec: Cycles

  1. You have fruit trees.
    This makes me just the happiest to read. We could never have a working garden in my parents’ yard because (1) The Black Walnut and Oak Trees poisoned the soil to everything except for daylillies and wildflowers (2) I’m sure you can imagine how many squirrels called our yard home with such an abundance of nuts.
    So I have always secretly coveted a working garden. A grove of fruit trees. How wonderful. And how wonderful that your church has a ministry to provide fresh, homegrown food to those who need it.

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