Prompt for 6 Dec: Highs and Lows

Today’s prompt is courtesy of Carolyn Rubenstein.

Year in Review As you reflect back on the happenings of 2012, what were your high points and what were your low points? What do you notice as you look back on the year as a whole?

Thinking on it, the high and low point of this year both revolve around, airplanes.  That’s been a recurring theme the last few posts, the roll of airplanes in 2012.  As I think on it some more, there were at least 30 airplanes in my year.

The high point was jumping out of a perfectly good plane to skydive for only the second time in my life.   It was an amazing experience shared with a friend from work.  We crawled into this piece of crap plane with a pull down door make of what seemed like it was made out of cellophane.  We took off and climbed up over the desert.   Then one by one, people started jumping out, some on their own, others, like me in a tandem.

My favorite part is still the image of the plane flying away from us as we fell.  There was nothing below us but brown Southern California desert.  It didn’t seem that we were falling that fast.  Then the parachute opened and the world became quiet.

The video of my landing is below.

What I didn’t tell anyone about that landing is that I injured my tailbone.    I was uncomfortable for about 4 weeks, especially during my flights to and around Europe later that month.  It was still all good.

The low point was in March when I had to get on a plane to China.  My daughter had a cheer competition that day and I had to miss it.  The Child has been cheering for 7 years now.  Prior to that day, I had never missed one of her competitions.   I complained about them all.  I complained about the early call time and the endless waiting.  But during those 3 minutes when her teams perform, it’s completely worth everything, the money, the time, the pickups and drop offs, it’s all worth it.

In the course of a season my daughter’s team may have 7 to 10 competitions.  Normally, I have the luxury of setting my own travel schedule and I never miss big events.  I may run to the airport later that day, but I don’t miss competitions completely.   I did this trip.

That Saturday morning, the team had a competition at Universal Studios.  We would have driven carpool that morning, but we had to made a stop at LAX.   So I loaded my bags in the car, we drove to my daughter’s school and we dropped her off to be carpooled to the competition.   I felt horrible.  My daughter didn’t care at all.  It was strange to get on a plane and know that by time they told me to turn off my phone, the Child would be warming up to perform.   The text that would tell me they won would not come for 14 hours later when I was in the back of a car, heading to my hotel.  I smiled, wished I had been there and closed my eyes to rest.

They won

Decades after I graduated college my mom once told me how bad she felt that she couldn’t come to my freshman orientation.  She had to work.  Now I know how she felt.

Prompt for 6 Dec: Highs and Lows