Prompt for 9 Dec: Nutrition

Today’s prompt is courtesy of Cultivate 2012 Daily Prompt list

Foodie Friday — Cultivate Style: Food nourishes us. Some foods give us more enjoyment than others. Some foods leave us feeling less than ourselves. What foods nourished your soul and body this year? What food choices can you make in 2013 to cultivate more self-care?

One word: Salmon.

I’ve never really enjoyed salmon.  It’s always been a bland fish with not a lot of flavor.  Until….

In 2011, we took a Disney cruise to Alaska.  On the third day of the cruise, there was a huge barbeque which included freshly caught King Salmon.   Given my just below boarder-line high cholesterol, I thought I would try the salmon.  It was like no other piece of salmon that I had ever eaten before.  An abbondanza of  flavor exploded in my mouth and I became much more interested in salmon.

Fast forward to the Lenten season of 2012.  My wife and I abstain from meat during the Fridays of Lent.  We have found that the California Fish Grill is a great place to eat during Lent and we’ve gone there religiously  since.  It was there I discovered their very tasty Cajun Salmon salad. After Lent ended, I had a two-week, six country business trip in Northern Europe.  During that trip I found myself able to order and enjoy freshly caught salmon every day.

I have eaten more salmon in 2012 than I have eaten my 46 years previous on the plant. What I have learned this year is that there are two types of salmon.  Free and farmed.  Farmed salmon tends to be less expensive as well as bland.  Farmed salmon is best served with sauces and preparation that bring flavor to the fish.    Fresh salmon that has been caught (typically in Northern regions) is usually much more expensive, much more enjoyable and does not require a great deal more preparation other than grilling.  The rich flavor of the fish stands on its own.  I have also learned that in certain areas that do not have access to fresh free salmon, all one will get  is overpriced farmed salmon.  Never pay high prices for farmed salmon unless the preparation will justify the cost.

I have cataloged some of the best salmon dishes that I have come across on my blog.  The list is presented in order from most favored to lesser favorites.

  1. Salmon & Asparagus on Orzo

  2. Simple Salmon

  3. Cajun Salmon Salad

  4. Smokey Applewood Salmon Filet

  5. Roasted Salmon with Blackberry Jalapeno Butter Sauce

  6. Grilled Salmon from California Fish Grill

  7. Thai Specialty Salmon

  8. Chipolte Veggie Bowl with Smoked Salmon

  9. Salmon with Pesto and Pasta

Even if you don’t like salmon, may I suggest just trying the Salmon & Asparagus on served on Orzo.  If you can serve it with a nice fresh piece of Alaskan or Northern Atlantic salmon, it will be even better.

Salmon & Asparagus on Orzo Pasta

Bon appetit!

Prompt for 9 Dec: Nutrition