Prompt for 11 Dec: Anticipation

Today’s prompt is courtesy of Carolyn Rubenstein.

What is the one thing that you are most looking forward to in 2013?

One should not use the term boring to describe my plans for 2013.   Laura and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  The child will turn 16.  To celebrate these events we will be taking a Caribbean cruise.   I am looking forward to that.  But it isn’t what I am looking forward to most.As some point during the year, I will have my 30 years high school reunion and as well as my 25 year anniversary at work.  Those should be fun.I am signed up for the LA Marathon.  That’s big.  Of course, once I cross the finish line, I will be rushing to see my daughter win at the last cheer competition of the season.  That’s my life, 96 days out and I am already double booked.

Work will have me traveling to Houston, New York, Milan, Ireland and Japan.  Some might look forward to that.  Me, not so much.

It’s never about where I go.  It’s about who I’m with.  The value is in that short window when something can be set up, maybe a quick breakfast before a flight.  Maybe a 30 minute visit at the home of an old friend before making a mad dash for a train.  I do a lot of that.  But that’s where I find the joy in work travel as well as life in general.   Those are the things that keep me going on the road and make life fun.

The thing that i am looking forward to most is some time with my sister and her husband.  They were in Spain both times I visited London this year. In 2013, they may be coming over from for a few weeks. It will be nice to have them here and be together again with Laura and The Child.  I suspect that in a very short time, we are going to log a number of miles around the Nevada, Arizona and California.  As much as I hate driving, I look forward to showing them these states.   There will be laughter.  Grand memories will be made.

Family in 2009 at Disneyland
Family in 2009 at Disneyland


Prompt for 11 Dec: Anticipation

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