Final Moments

Tango the Dog and I were out for a very long walk. As we were approaching home I saw a beautiful little finch sitting in the middle of the sidewalk.

I expected it to fly off as we approached but it just sat there, on this chilly day; yellow chest puffed out, but not moving at all.  The bird didn’t register to Tango as a living thing, because he walked right by it without giving it a sniff or trying to pee on it.

At first I walked by the odd bird, but then circled back to check on it. It was clear that the creature was dying.

I took Tango home and went back with a small shoe box in hopes of somehow saving this bird. I’ve seen it done before. I realized that by trying to save it, that I just might push it over the edge and scare it to death. It was pretty helpless there in the middle of the sidewalk, so I chanced it.  I didn’t want a cat to come along and eat it.

The bird went into the shoe box with little fuss. It scooted itself until its face was in the corner. I brought it home, wondering which of my neighbors might have some birdseed. I used a little straw to put some water by its feet in hopes it would drink. It leaned over and died.


The picture above was taken less than a minute before the poor bird passed, while it literally still had it’s last breaths. I watched it’s body as life left. It was unmistakable. It has been a long time since I’ve seen something/someone die that quickly.

It’s laying in the box now. That puffed up look it had when I first saw it is gone. No bravado. No pretense. No fears, worries, nothing. It has a little hole waiting for it in my back yard under the peach tree. A peach tree which, right now, is blooming.

As I write these words, this eulogy, I am aware the other birds singing. I wonder how this particular little fellow came to be in my path today.   As Lent is coming I recall quite clearly that we all return to dust eventually.

Final Moments

3 thoughts on “Final Moments

  1. As I read your post, my husband shouted from downstairs: “There’s a robin in the yard! There’s a robin in the yard.” Our yard is covered in snow.

    And yet, there it (he? she?) is.

    Perhaps your bird come back to try it again?

    Nice to see you. Thanks for visiting my place.


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