That Person in the Mirror

It’s difficult to spend a day on social media without seeing a mirror shot. You know, that self-portrait that people take standing in the front of the mirror with their arms stretched way out. Usually, they are showing something off, the outfit they are wearing for that days race, or for work or to go out dancing. In the really bad mirror shots you can see the flash of their phone or worse, the things drying in their bathroom.

It struck me today as I was looking a friend who was clearly trying to show off his biceps without being obvious, that the image in the picture was not the person. The camera sees the part that least deep. It’s just the event horizon, it doesn’t show the person inside. It doesn’t show who they really are or what they give. It doesn’t show their heart and the pain that they carry around. It provides no indication of their real talents or gifts.

No camera, X-Ray or MRI will show that.  Just time and getting to know the subject. One persons valued photographs are another persons junk, because it’s salience that gifts images with  value.

Van Gogh Self-Portrait Circa 1889
Van Gogh Self-Portrait Circa 1889
That Person in the Mirror

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