The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

One of my favorite tweeps in the entire universe is Canadian farm girl Leanne Shirtliffe, aka The Ironic Mom.  She is a funny and brilliant writer of comedy and on 9 May, Skyhorse Press and the Fedex guy will deliver her third child,

Don’t Lick the Minivan: And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids

It’s available on Amazon and in classy book-joints everywhere.

Those who have an inkling of how amazing this book will be are obliged to spread the word about its awesomeneninitude (yeah, that’s a word).

Hence, while in the Bahamas a few weeks ago, as I came across a family of millionaire Calgarians, from Briar Hill.  As they were from Leanne’s hometown, I thought I would discuss her new book.   Here’s how it went down:  [WARNING: MY IRISH/CANADIAN ACCENT CAME OUT DURING THE INTERVIEW.  DON’T LAUGH]

Clearly, the word needs to be spread a bit more. Remember, one Canadian laugh is worth about 0.98 American laughs, but hey, it’s close enough.

If you love your mother, buy the book.  Give it to Mom, grandma and anyone else who has birth-related stretch marks.


The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

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