People Watching in the Atrium of the Disney Fantasy

A Moment on the Disney Fantasy

Betwixt and between the first and second dinner seatings, the atrium, the elevators and the stairs of the Disney Fantasy are packed with people in formal dress seeking the creation of mementos.

Families huddle together in one of several lines, waiting for professional portraits.

A very little boy wearing a tuxedo face-plants, but immediately bounces up unharmed.

Two singers by the staircase perform a Marvin Gaye classic accompanied by a Mac.

At the top of the staircase, after a very long wait, a Chinese family delight in taking a picture with Captain Mickey.

Servers hand out free wine, mojitos, and juice.

Before mom can snap the shutter, one of her two handsome and carefully-posed boys bolts towards Aladdin, who has just arrived on the scene.

A teenage girl is looking for wi-fi in the middle of the ocean.

A Romanian drink server claps his hands to the music as he heads backstage to reload his empty tray.

A middle-aged couple disagree about buying pictures.

The lady who was wearing huge sunglasses when she fell asleep in the Caribbean sun turns from the front desk and I force down a chuckle after the word “raccoon” came to mind.

A man in a gold-buttoned blazer walks by holding a glass of Shiraz by the base of glass.

An older couple somehow manage to take a beautiful picture together in front of the busy staircase.

A tall and husky corn-fed family of six walk by with a swagger and presence reminiscent of that scene from “The Right Stuff“.

An adorable 5-year-old princess poses in front of a paintings of Sleeping Beauties Castle.

A guy in a monkey suit watches people, jots notes and takes pictures all the while his stomach rumbles for dinner.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 8.10.46 AM

People Watching in the Atrium of the Disney Fantasy

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