Day 5: Morning in Milan

A bad dream awoke me just in time to see the sun starting to peak over the mountains and under the cloudy remnants of last nights thunder-storm. 

I sat on the floor of my hotel room with the doors to the balcony wide open taking picture after picture over the changing scene.

I put on the soundtrack to “Somewhere in Time”, set down the camera and experienced the sunrise. I would love a cup of coffee, but that would mean missing the show.  A bottle of fizzy water will have to do.

I remembered that two Milan trips ago, my hotel room faced a street with these amazing orange and yellow homes.  Every morning, the sun would light up those buildings and again I took picture after picture of the same scenes.   I used film back then.

Somewhere in Time is on its second round, which means I have been sitting here over 40 minutes.   The cars, busses and trains have started running on the street below, but if I listen carefully, I can still hear the birds chirping under the sounds of the diesel engines.

The sun is about to disappear into a thick layer of clouds and will probably not be seen again.  Other than dinner,  I have no commitments on this final full day in Milan. I would love to go visit Lake Como or other touristy thing, but I still have to get ready for tomorrow and the rest of this trip.   It’s all good though, I got mine today.

Day 5: Morning in Milan

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