The Last Visit

It’s about 6:40 AM and I am looking out from the 10th floor window at a world lit only by the south-bound headlights of a densely packed freeway.

I am suited up and ready to go to work.

I’ve been in this hotel more times than I can count over the last decade. A decade is a long time you know.

When I pull up to this is the hotel, I feel like I’m at home.

The bellman always calls me by name when I arrive. I’m a sucker for that.

The restaurant is magnificent. They make the best food in the area. I do wish they still served that Ahi Salad that I have been know to eat for both lunch and dinner.

The beds here are amazingly comfortable.

My bags are packed and now it’s time to go over to the concierge lounge and have breakfast. I am sad that I may not come back to this hotel ever again.

Decisions are forcing a change in direction. That change results in some good things happening at the cost of other good things. Although I am indifferent to most the changes, I will miss this place.

I regret that in 10 years, I have never gotten to the hotel gym or the pool/jacuzzi. I brought my workout clothes and my bathing suit this trip and as it always happens, I just ran out of time.

Got to go to work.

Peace people.

The Last Visit

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